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Advice: Traveling with Children under 5

By Cristiana Dias


Having kids doesn’t mean that life has to stop! Just like adults, traveling the world can stimulate the curiosity of a child. Whether you’d like to take an island getaway or explore history in a vibrant city, traveling with young children can be quite a fun, but stressful, experience.


First, make sure that you give your family plenty of extra time when planning your vacation. It is better to arrive extra early at the airport than to be straggling because one of your children needed five bathroom breaks, and the other one forgot his favorite stuffed animal at home. By allocating extra time and keeping a flexible itinerary, your vacation won’t be stressful when faced with unforeseen dilemmas.


By planning accordingly, you are sure to be organized, which is important when traveling with children under 5 because you never know when someone can be feeling a little sick. Make sure you pack any medicine, creams, or ointments that your children may need, as well as a travel size first aid kit, bug spray, and diapers or pull-ups, depending on how advanced their potty training is.

When it comes to packing, try to keep a separate bag for each of your children’s needs. For an infant, have your diaper bag, and for your toddlers, include them in the packing process! Let them have their own little backpack or suitcase, which can alleviate your load, and give them a sense of responsibility just like a grown-up! If everyone has their own bag, then your kids can even bring along a fun toy or coloring book with them to occupy them throughout the journey. 


Make sure you have activities like a scavenger hunt planned once you get to your destination. You can even give your kids disposable cameras! If you have more than one child, be sure that they each have their own games and snacks so that there is no fighting!


Lastly, traveling is often a break from our everyday routines, so look into kiddie camps at your destination if possible to enjoy a relaxing moment alone without your bundles of joy.


Don’t be afraid to include your little ones on your adventures because their young minds will eat up beautiful scenery, monuments, and beaches all along the way!


Remember to:

  1. Keep a flexible schedule 
  2. Stay organised with lists and separate bags 
  3. Have entertainment readily available 
  4. Bring medicine and plenty snacks 
  5. Involve your children as much as possible 
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