Become a Travel Agent

The Home-Based Travel Business Opportunity that gives you the World at your Fingertips!

  • Earn great commissions selling travel from home

  • Sell to friends, family & experience required!

  • Full training included in our programs!

Earn great commissions selling travel from home to your friends, family & acquaintances ... no experience required! Full training is included in our programs!

This is the perfect opportunity for you if:

  • You have a passion for travel

  • You are interested in learning the travel industry

  • You have an interest in earning an extra income

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Home based business

A home-based job as a travel agent is an ideal opportunity as either a full-time career, or just to supplement your current income. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking for work you can do from home, currently employed and just looking to earn some extra money, or even looking into starting-up your own travel agency, we have the right solution for you!

Earn Commission

Earn great commissions helping others plan their dream vacations!
It's no secret that travel agents are given access to travel industry discounts, special agent rates, & FAM (Familiarization) Trips! They also take part in agent incentives, booking bonuses, & more!

What Our Agents Say About Fareconnect!

What are you waiting for? Join one of the most fun & rewarding industries today by becoming a home based travel agent with Fareconnect!

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Overview of Travel Agent Program

Fareconnect's travel counsellor’s program is a great starting point for any travel agent, whether just starting out, or very experienced with a client base. When you choose Fareconnect to act as your host agency, you gain access to our great commission rates with industries top suppliers!

Our program includes:

  • Training for those with no experience in the Travel Industry
  • On-going training and support
  • One on One Mentoring Training
  • On-Line Seminars with Real Experts
  • Access to a dedicated social media support person 
  • Large On-Line community of your Peers
  • A personalized agent website 
  • A email 
  • Multiple Real-Time Online Booking System
  • Access to over 20 cruise lines and 1000’s tour operator
  • Marketing material 
  • Monthly Detailed Sales & Commission Reports
  • E & O Insurance included
  • Access to all available agent perks 
  • Familiarization Trips
Travel Agent Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose
A: We realize that we have numerous competitors in the industry. was designed and specializes in training and supporting individuals with no experience in the travel industry. This attention and support have also led to numerous experienced agents joining the company.  Our business is built on the success of our agents not on fee’s collected.  Therefore, we have the lowest fee’s in the industry and do not charge for additional services.

We also have created a network of local Area Managers along with a Mentorship Program for all new agents.  Getting the support from a pier has proven to be very effective and well received from new agents.

Q: Will I receive the support promised?
A: Yes! Fareconnect can only succeed if its agents are successful.  We pride ourselves on our support and are continuously updating our support services.

Q: How do I know what my commission is going to be?
A: Commissions for suppliers are typically between 8% - 18%.  Once you become a agent, your commission from the travel you book will ne between 60% to 80% of those suppliers’ commission.

For Example, you book a trip for a client and its cost that client $4000.  Let’s say the commission from the suppliers will be 16%. That amounts to $640.  Further to this particular trip, your commission is 60%. This means you will be paid $384 for booking that one trip.

Q: Will I have the option to book both online and with the suppliers directly?
A: Yes! Fareconnect provides you with an on-line booking portal and most suppliers have their own portal to book direct.  We recently procured a new Cruise booking engine for agents that simplifies the process for all types of cruise companies.  If you prefer to contact the supplier directly, all our suppliers have agent contact lines to speak to an agent.

Q: Will my client’s have an option to book online?
: Yes!  All Agents who join Fareconnect are setup with there own agent online booking portal.  Agents can direct clients to their site to search for specials or to book directly themselves.  After they book, you get an email informing you, so you can then follow up with them. Our agent portal sites offer all the same rates that are available on competitor websites so you can be assured that your clients are getting the best price at that time.

Q: How soon before I start seeing the benefits of being a home-based agent? Like Fam trips and discounts?
: You can start applying the discount of your personal travel immediately. has unlimited quota’s on personal travel for you and your family.  Fam trips vary from supplier to supplier and your trainer will better explain this to you.  Allot of suppliers offer agent rates plus a companion for shoulder season travel. Fareconnect 100 percent supports all agents in travelling as we believe the best training is to experience. 

Q: Are you a photo ID card mill or Multi-Level Marketing Firm?
: Absolutely not! We will help you apply for the coveted IATAN and/or CLIA photo ID card when qualified. 

Q: Do you have quotas?
: Absolutely not! believes that everyone is different and become travel agents for various reasons.  Some do it full time to make an income while others do it to supplement them traveling the world. What ever your reason, we are here to support you.

Agent Perks, Rewards & Incentives believes in ensuring that agents receive the numerous perks offered by our suppliers. During our training session we will help set you up in the most popular ones and show you where to go if you desire to find more programs. 

Many suppliers offer you cash incentives on bookings (ex. $20 per passenger cash bonus) that is yours to keep. There are also suppliers who have agent rewards programs (ex. earn points with each booking you make that can be redeemed for items like room nights at a resort. 

Travel suppliers are very competitive with each other and almost every large supplier always has an incentive running. You get to reap the benefits and choose where to make your bookings to take advantage of these fun offers! 

As a part of the Fareconnect family, you are free to book your own personal travel arrangements and receive 100% of the commission. 

This amounts to HUGE travel savings!

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Fareconnect has placed a lot of time and effort in designing a training program that allows you to be trained both to the level you desire and at a time that is available to you. Fareconnect realizes that many new agents have second careers or are very busy with their family. We set the level of training and the time of training that best suits your lifestyle. Training is conducted via the internet.  We use a combination of one on one webinars and self paced training modules. Our training program is designed so that even a complete beginner with no prior knowledge of the travel industry can be booking travel in no time.

Our Training Manager will teach you about:

  • Setting up an office
  • Rules and regulations
  • Marketing – Obtaining clients
  • Products or suppliers
  • Types of travel such as: all inclusive, cruises, groups, tours
  • Booking engines
  • Day to day running of your business

We will also provide you with a hard copy Training Manual that will further explain all topics and more! Our Training Managers are well-informed, enthusiastic & patient. They will help you become an educated, successful travel agent so you can begin planning & selling travel quickly!

Payments & Commissions

Commission are paid out agents on the 15th day of every month. You receive funds for all commission payments received by from the suppliers at the end of the previous month. uses direct payment so your funds are deposited directly into your account.

Example: If a commission cheque from a supplier is received by on November 25th that includes a commission for a booking you made, it will be included on your next deposit, which would be December 15th.

The following is the commission table for home based agents:

Agent % Qualification Details
50% Starting From the day you sign you can start earning commission by selling travel.  We will be there to assist you with every step until you complete your initial training.
60% Complete Training

This will depend on your schedule as all training can be completed in less than two weeks.

70% $10,000 Earn a minimum of $10,000 in gross commission (before the split) for the  previous year
80% $20,000 Earn a minimum of $20,000 in gross commission (before the split) for the  previous year

Experienced Agent and Education Recognition Program

Fareconnect recognizes Travel Agents who work in the industry or individuals who have taken formal education within travel and tourism. Fareconnect has a reduced joining fee plan of $299 to get you started with us. Ask us for further details! 


Province Join Fee Monthly Fee* Details
British Columbia $1250.00 $40 Agents are required to obtain a license to sell insurance and pay a annual fee to the Province. Please call for details
Alberta $1250.00 $40  
Saskatchewan $1250.00 $40 Agents are required to obtain a license to sell insurance and pay an annual fee to the province. Please call for details.
Manitoba $1250.00 $40  
Ontario $1250.00 $40 Agents are required to obtain a TICO certification prior to selling Travel
Quebec N/A N/A Fareconnect is currently not licensed in the Province
New Brunswick $1250.00 $40  
Nova Scotia $1250.00 $40 Agents are required to obtain a license to sell insurance and pay an annual fee to the province. Please call for details.
PEI $1250.00 $40 Agents are required to obtain a license to sell insurance and pay an annual fee to the province. Please call for details.
NFLD $1250.00 $40 Agents are required to obtain a license to sell insurance and pay an annual fee to the province. Please call for details.
NWT $1250.00 $40 Agents are required to obtain a license to sell insurance and pay an annual fee to the province. Please call for details.

*A monthly fee is charged for all agents to cover website maintenance, liability insurance and administrative fees.

Are you an experienced Agent?

If you are an experienced travel agent or someone that has taken training in the travel industry, Fareconnect has an exciting opportunity for you! Here at Fareconnect we realize everyone’s situation is unique. We value your experience and/or education. Maybe your looking for a new Host Agency or looking to transition from store front to working from home. Maybe you work for an Airline and want to change careers? What ever the situation, we can work with you to ensure the transition fits your needs. We also sometimes wave join fees and start agents at the highest commission level. 

Contact us and we can discuss how Fareconnect can help you!

1-844-244-4453  |  [email protected]

Contact Us Now[email protected] 1-844-244-4453

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